You Have To Hear: Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs are a band from Brisbane who have been making a splash in the Australian indie music scene. The band have received extensive airplay on Triple J and been nominated for the stations Hottest 100 songs of 2009. They have also toured around the country supporting an impressive list of Australian acts.

I was first introduced to them when I saw them opening for Cloud Control and Leader Cheetah at their double headline gig. Although the room was pretty empty, the boys put on a great show and I immediately fell in love with some of their catchy hooks and quirky stage presence. The very next night they were opening for Red Riders, however I missed their performance. I was told however that it was to a much larger crowd, thankfully, and that they were just as likeable as they were opening for Cloud Control and Leader Cheetah.

Unfortunately at the time I didn’t think to buy any of their music from the merch store at the gig, and their songs have proved difficult to get a hold of. Newest single As Far As You’re Concerned is available to buy from iTunes, and also to stream from their Myspace, however none of their older stuff is.

Despite an average age of only 19, the band have a very cohesive and mature live sound, which translates well into their recorded material. As Red Riders noted in their blog, Last Dinosaurs really do have a “cool Phoenix thing going on”. There’s no mistaking it, the band are sounding a lot like the French alterna-rockers, which can only be a good thing.

Honolulu is my favourite track by Last Dinosaurs to date, however I have only been able to find an incomplete Youtube clip to show to you. Thankfully the whole song can be streamed here, and once again, I will upload some of their songs when I find an mp3 host.

I eagerly await a debut album!

Listen If You Like: Phoenix. Red Riders, Yves Klein Blue, Cut Copy.

Artist: Last Dinosaurs

Song: Honolulu

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