You Have To Hear: Your Twenties

Your Twenties

Your Twenties hail from London, and are next in a long line of artists to have generated a solid fan-base before having even released an album. Thanks, internet!

In this case it is definitely deserved, however. These guys’ sound is so polished and seems to come so easily that you feel as if you’re listening to an accomplished outfit when in fact you are listening to the (relatively) new kids on the UK indie scene.

When Your Twenties formed, their biggest claim to fame was the name of their frontman, Gabriel Stebbing. If you recognise him then there’s a good reason, he was a member of electropop stalwarts Metronomy. He has since left Metronomy to focus fully on Your Twenties, and his dedication is starting to pay off.

Your Twenties, after a few scratchy demos, have started to produce some really nice pop songs, such as the brilliant ‘Caught Wheel’, and, more recently, the even better ‘Billionaires’. If you like your music with plenty of chords and even more oooh’s and aaah’s, then this is for you.

Stebbing has described Billionaires as “a song born out of frustration about how an obsession with cash seems to get into every facet of life and distort what people are up to, their motives for things” (see the full interview here). So it is slightly topical, then (“We’re all crying out for someone humanWe’re all stuck with the luck we’re given“). The track was also produced by Stephen Street of Blur and The Smith fame.

Come the inevitablely awesome debut album, there is the distinct possibility that Your Twenties may start to eclipse Metronomy in terms of current buzz, but for now they unfortunately remain ‘the band with that guy who used to be in Metronomy’. Give it time, though, plus a few more summer pop songs, and they might just be billionaires themselves.

Listen if you like: The Drums, Red Riders, Fleetwood Mac, Girls, acting like you’re in your twenties when you’re actually not, OR being in your twenties

Artist: Your Twenties

Song: Billionaires

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  1. This is just my sort of my music, thank you! I’ll be back!

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