You Have To Hear: Cloud Control

Cloud Control are a lovely little indie pop (a term which I have never fully understood) band hailing from Sydney, Australia.

They have been creating a bit of a buzz in Australian indie circles for a few years now, although they have achieved this through a mixture of radio-friendly singles and short and sharp EPs rather than any full-length efforts. Their lack of an LP hasn’t prevented them from touring extensively around the country, however.

I was firstly introduced to these guys when they opened for Josh Pyke. Having never heard of them before, I was pleasantly surprised by their well-drilled, hook-filled pop tunes. They were a tight live act, and they persuaded me to listen to some of their recorded stuff, and I haven’t looked back.

It is refreshing to see a band not afraid to mix it up a bit as far as genres are concerned and experiment a bit. Too many one-dimensional (albeit undeniably talented) indie acts exist at the moment, but it seems that with Cloud Control you never know what you’re going to get next. From the insanely catchy pop tune ‘Buffalo Country’ to the experimental and ambient ‘Into The Line’ and even the punk-meets-country of ‘Vintage Books’.

Okay, that’s enough on genres.

For a Cloud Control education, pick up their self-titled EP, as well as new single ‘Gold Canary’. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the depth you’ll find. They are very well-drilled given the spontaneity of their formation (read the story here), but yet never even come close to that horrible mechanical monotony that some indie bands accomplish far too often these days. And then it’s a waiting game for their much-anticipated fully-fledged debut album.

They pose the question: “Will you jump if I ask you to?” (‘Vintage Books’). If their new tracks are anything to go by, then they will soon having audiences hanging on their every word and note.  If you’re in Australia then catch them at a small venue while you still can, they are touring around the country as part of a double-headline show with Leader Cheetah. And if that won’t be a good indie gig, then I don’t know what could be.

I honestly believe that this is an Aussie band who could be huge. They have it all, and, perhaps most importantly, they are really really cool.

Listen if you like: The Go-Betweens, The John Steel Singers, Red Riders, genre-jumping, learning lyrics before you see the band live (which you should do ASAP)

Artist: Cloud Control

Song: Buffalo Country

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