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Under The Needle: Oliver Tank, Tom Rosenthal, Atlas Genius, Bowerbirds

In which I briefly write about my thoughts on four records I’m currently listening to: Oliver Tank ‘Dreams EP’, Tom Rosenthal ‘Keep A Private Room Behind The Shop’, Atlas Genius ‘Through The Glass EP’, and Bowerbirds ‘The Clearing’.

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Tom Rosenthal ‘Forgets Slowly’

There’s been a bit of a lack of new music that interests me over the last week, so in the interests of keeping the blog rolling here’s another track from Tom Rosenthal, who I posted about a little while ago and whose music I have fallen in love with. This time the song is called ’Forgets Slowly’.

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Tom Rosenthal ‘Take Care’

Not to be confused with the British comedian of the same name, Tom Rosenthal is a London-based musician who released his debut album ‘Keep A Private Room Behind The Shop’ last year to critical acclaim. He only recently came to my attention, but his music has almost immediately become something of an obsession. I can’t seem to stop listening to it. It’s nuanced, complex, and brooding, but yet it’s also very accessible and enjoyable from the off.

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