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Under The Needle: Passion Pit, The Lumineers, DVA, Cosmo Jarvis

In which I briefly write about my thoughts on four records I’m currently listening to: Passion Pit ‘Gossamer’, The Lumineers ‘The Lumineers’, DVA ‘Botanicula Soundtrack, and Cosmo Jarvis ‘Think Bigger’.

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Passion Pit ‘I’ll Be Alright’

A second song from Passion Pit’s upcoming album ‘Gossamer’ has landed online, this time in the form of ’I’ll Be Alright’, another bombastic and synth-heavy track that would have been right at home on ‘Manners’. Listen below.

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Passion Pit ‘Take A Walk’

This went down a couple of days ago but I totally missed it: here’s a new song from Passion Pit, at long last. It’s called Take A Walk and it’s taken from their upcoming album ‘Gossamer’, which is out July 24th. It’s a fantastically fun and carefree song, just like the best of Passion Pit’s music. Check it.

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