The Killers ‘Runaways’

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Killers. Partly it’s because their good moments can be absolutely magnificent. Partly it’s because I still know all the words to Read My Mind; partly because I loudly and drunkenly sung Mr. Brightside at a bar once. Or maybe it’s because they were one of the first ‘big’ bands I ever saw live, and they absolutely blew me away. Or maybe it’s just because they’ve been a constant topic of conversation and joint interest with one of my best friends. Whilst their last album wasn’t their best work, I’m still eagerly looking forward to their upcoming album ‘Battle Born’, which will be the first we’ve heard from the band for the better part of four years. 

The first taste of the album appeared online recently in the form of Runaways, and you can listen to it here because uploading unreleased tracks from big international bands sounds like a good way to get Oatmeal’ed.

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