Bowerbirds ‘Tuck The Darkness In’

I’ve been out of commission the last few days, stuck in bed on a rather wonderful concoction of painkillers following my wisdom teeth surgery, but I really wanted to get a post up today to kick things back into gear. However I couldn’t face reading my emails (that 600 ‘Unread Messages’ icon seems to judge me silently whenever I look at it), so here’s a track I’ve been really enjoying lately that I discovered all on my lonesome.

The song is called Tuck The Darkness In, and it’s taken off one of my favourite records of the year so far, ‘The Clearing’, by American band Bowerbirds. It’s an album full of gorgeous, pure folk music, sounding a bit like a mix between Fleet Foxes and Mountain Goats, which is a very very good thing. There’s a bit of a dark edge to the album, indeed its central theme is none other than death, but guiding you gently through the whole process is lead singer Phil Moore’s beautiful vocals and harmonising with Beth Tacular (coolest last name ever by the way).

This is another great album in a year full of them, and once again I highly recommend checking it out. 

One Response to “Bowerbirds ‘Tuck The Darkness In’”

  1. I love how it evolves toward the end, gradually adding violins and more pronounced drumming. The opening was so quiet and peaceful without any real indication it was going to change pace. I didn’t expect the epic ending.

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