Release The Sunbird ‘Heart-Skinned, Down’

Release The Sunbird is the solo project of Zach Rogue of the Californian band Rogue Wave. Which is a little strange, because you’d think that anyone who names their band after themselves can probably treat it as much like a solo gig as they want. Not that I’m complaining though, because although I’ve never really listened to Rogue Wave I’ve taken a real shine to Release The Sunbird lately, especially their recently released EP entitled ‘Imaginary Summer’. Check out my favourite song off the EP, Heart-Skinned, Down.

It’s a shining example of folk music done right. It’s simple, upbeat, melancholic, and all those good things, and it doesn’t get bogged down with the dark themes that dominated Release The Sunbird’s previous album. There are still many introverted and at times confronting moments in ‘Imaginary Summer’, but above all else it’s a happy, blissful folk record, and even when the lyrics may not match this the instrumentation certainly does. Rogue keeps things simple this time round with his solo project, and the result is a fantastic little EP that I highly recommend.

Check out Release The Sunbird’s official website and Facebook page.

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