Tom Milek ‘Vicious Curves’

Melbourne musician Tom Milek plays some really really gorgeous music, he’s just released his debut EP, and he’s about to tour around Australia. That’s definitely a winning combination. The EP in question is called ‘Love And Ambition’, and the title sums up Tom’s music quite well: it would be a bit cliched if it was so genuine and so deftly executed. As it is however he seems a talented and honest musician capable of some utterly stunning moments of music, as is exemplified by his single Vicious Curves.

If there’s one way for a press release to get my hopes up about a song it’s to compare it to Damien Rice, but in this case I think it’s justified. That chilling piano line is show-stealing, and Tom’s vocals are perfect for the song, gliding effortlessly over a relatively straightforward but nevertheless effective acoustic guitar part. The themes of Tom’s music may not be new, but he deals with issues of love and maturity with a vividness and starkness that is very, very Damien Rice-esque. And, coming from me, that is the highest of compliments. Check him out on Facebook, and catch him at The Toff this Thursday.

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