Kate Martin ‘Candle Burnin’, Wax Drippin”

Townsville solo artist Kate Martin received a lot of attention with her debut album last year entitled ‘Synthetic Shoes, Leather Boots’, that was equal parts Middle East, Efterklang, and Seeker Lover Keeper, all condensed into one fantastic musician. Kate’s second album, ‘Hand Me My Bow And Arrow’, is due out in the next few days, and she has just released a video for the track Candle Burnin’, Wax Drippin’. And here… we… go.

There’s not a whole lot to add really other than the fact that it’s a very nice, smooth song and a pretty mesmerising clip as well. To be exact, ‘Hand Me My Bow And Arrow’ is out March 23rd, and if this song is anything to judge by it’s definitely one to look out for. You can also grab some of Kate’s older music for free off Unearthed.

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