Jonathan Boulet ‘Trounce’

Jonathan Boulet has resurfaced following the release of his acclaimed self-titled debut record to announce his new album, the fantastically titled ‘We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart’, due out in June. We’ve already had one taste of it ages ago with You’re A Animal, and now there’s another track floating around the interwebs from the record in the form of Trounce. Have a listen below and then grab it for free in exchange for an email address via Modular People.

It’s a really interesting track. It’s much less polished and more garagey than most of the music on the aforementioned debut album, and it also features a similar tribal drum beat to You’re A Animal, which may prove to be a constant throughout the record. It also gets pretty heavy towards the end: for the first time I actually believe that Jonathan Boulet used to be a drummer for a thrash band before starting up his solo project. This is definitely an album to look forward to.

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