Inspired And The Sleep ‘What I Want And What I Need’

Californian outfit Inspired And The Sleep are fast becoming one of my favourite blog discoveries. Following the release of their album ‘Teenager’ featuring the fantastic singles While We’re Young and Running, the band’s lead singer, Max Greenhalgh, has recently released a song recorded for Hi54LoFi Records’ Valentine’s Day compilation ‘I Love You And Stuff’. It’s called What I Want And What I Need, and you can listen to it and download it for free below.

What I love about the song is that it embraced love song cliches instead of trying to escape them. From the ukulele part to the harmonised chorus to the call-and-repeat; he-and-she vocals, this really is an adorably cliched song that works so well only because it doesn’t take itself seriously. Plus behind all the quirkiness is some really solid songwriting, as well as beautiful vocals from both Max and Kaila Abruzzo. It even features the sound of a kiss at the end. Although even I think that’s a bit much. You can by the compilation here.

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