Antonio Paul ‘Sweet Wine’

What feels like an eternity ago I posted about a Western Australian duo, Antonio Paul, and their debut single City Dreams. It’s been a long time between drinks, but the band are finally back with a new single, this time in the form of Sweet Wine. Of course that’s not to say that the band haven’t been busy in the meantime- they’ve recorded their second EP, ‘End Of The World’, added a new bandmember, enjoyed airplay on JJJ and Rage, and toured around the country. But what really matters is of course the music, so check out Sweet Wine.

Predictably, it’s another energetic, frantic, hook-filled, youthful indie pop number, but the band do it so well that there’s no real reason to try anything too different right now. It’s short and punchy, but far from feeling unsubstantial rather feels packed with vibrancy and passion. Basically, it’s indie pop done right. You can download the ‘End Of The World’ EP from iTunes now, and check them out on Facebook.

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