Sui Zhen ‘Little Frog’

Sui Zhen is a Melbourne singer-songwriter who also dabbles in stop-motion animation. These two passions have combined for her single Little Frog and its accompanying video, taken from her upcoming debut album ‘Two Seas’, which is due out later this year. Check it out.

Obviously the video is incredible, but I think the song is pretty great as well. It’s an eclectic mix of strange instrumentation that gives off quite a relaxed vibe at the same time as it seems a bit frantic at times. Meanwhile her vocals are immediately identifiable and quite unique- it took my a while to get used to her voice, but now that I am I think it suits the song perfectly. You can grab the track for free from Bandcamp, check out Sui Zhen on Facebook, and catch her launching this single at the Grace Darling on the 19th of this month.

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