Lana Del Rey ‘Video Games’

It has been too long since I have heard new music that takes me breath away and holds me captive for three and a half minutes without another thought in the world. In fact the last time was probably when I first heard pieces of Bon Iver’s new album. Since then there’s been a lot of cool stuff released, but nothing that powerful and that memorable. I’m talking music you remember hearing for the first time.

Anyway, that was the case until I heard the track Video Games by Lana Del Rey a couple of days ago. It was just one of those magic, transcendiary moments of music. There’s something intangible about this track that just speaks to me so strongly and directly, even though the music itself is very unassuming and restrained. Like all great songs, the power of this track is somewhat inexplicable.

It’s a nostalgic, introverted journey of a song. It’s inescapably retro, and I must admit that this borders on being hyper-constructed at times, almost trying just a little too hard to be nostalgic but yet easily digestible. ‘Bubblegum indie’ I believe it’s called. But the beauty of Lana Del Rey’s music is the way that you can completely immerse yourself in it. How much you enjoy her music will depend almost solely on how prepared you are to lose yourself in it.

And if you are prepared to do just that, listening to it can be an incredible experience. Video Games is quite simply the best new music I have heard in a long time. Just don’t watch the washed out, ultra-retro video clip because, even for me, it’s a bit too much.

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