41st And Home ‘Gorbachev’

41st And Home are yet another amazing up and coming Canadian band, formed in 2008 when two friends found a cello in a garage and decided that not knowing how to play it shouldn’t stop them from starting a band with a focus on orchestral elements and a real epic feel to everything that they do. This is very evident in their track Gorbachev, written about the Cold War but yet with a decidedly upbeat and summer feel about it.

I’m really excited about this band, and cannot get enough of this song in particular. The euphoric horns invoke artists from The National to Arcade Fire to Broken Social Scene, but ultimately the song has a style all of it’s own, and it is one hell of a style. The song is taken from the band’s latest EP, ‘Raised By Wolves’, and although I haven’t heard the whole record if this song is any indicator then it must be amazing. Gorbachev is available to download for free from 41st And Down’s bandcamp page.

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