Jonathan Boulet Interview

I had a quick chat with the very busy Jonathan Boulet ahead of the release of his much-anticipated sophomore solo album and appearance at the BigSound festival in Brisbane.

Hey, so you’re playing at the BigSound festival in Brisbane in about a month. Are there any bands in particular that you’re looking forward to catching up with or seeing play?

Oscar and Martin definitely. One of the few Australian bands just doing what they want to do on record and on stage. Forward music and the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Of course you’re also a member of Parades, do you find it difficult juggling two projects that are both growing so rapidly in popularity?

Its okay if we keep up to date with each others upcoming activities. Just some good old time management. But it is fun though, I really enjoyed doing both bands and their different roles.

According to your Wikipedia page you are also a member of Snakeface, a ‘power violence’ band. Is that an accurate description? And how does your involvement in other projects such as this affect your solo music if at all?

Yeah Snakeface is a thrash band. We’re actually about to ship out into outback Australia, set up our amps and record a new album. And hopefully play more gigs around town. And it definitely effects my solo music. I’m always wanting it to get faster and heavier.

When I first heard A Community Service Announcement I thought it was a summer anthem, so I was a bit taken aback when I saw the music video about murder. What made you decide to head in that direction with the clip?

We were just trying to make it more interesting, and kind of have more of a climax to the whole thing. And if it was just some feel good beach times with friends clip I’d probably hang myself. 

Your single You’re A Animal has received a fair bit of international attention, most notably on Stereogum- are there any plans for an international tour in the works?

Definitely. We’ll be heading overseas to tour with the upcoming album. I’m really excited to see Europe and more of the States. And hopefully the shows go okay too. Actually, even if the shows don’t go well I’m still happy to be travelling around doing music and not a job in a warehouse moving white goods. 

I remember seeing you live ages ago and you opened with a jam featuring the line “I will soldier on” that wasn’t quite a fully fledged song yet, did this develop into You’re A Animal? How long was the song in development before being released?

Yeah that one turned into ‘Animal. We needed a song to open the set so that one was it for about a year’s worth of shows. It was in that format ever since we first started playing. And I think it only just became a real song halfway through last year. And then released as the single in December. Still one of my favourite songs.

And finally, why do you hate grammar so much?

I don’t hate grammar. Just the people that hate that I hate grammar.

 Thanks so much for your time.

 No worries.

Jonathan Boulet is playing the BigSound festival in Brisbane on the 7th-9th of September alongside a list of stellar local talent. His second solo album is due for release later this year.

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