Founds ‘Holograms’

Founds are a brand new Brisbane ‘post-pop’ sextet who have just finished the recording of their debut EP, having already generated a fair amount of buzz and airplay for first single Gypsy House. Their new track is called Holograms, and it is quite simply a gorgeous song.

It is at once fiercely intimate and very, very powerful. They’ve been described as ‘Scandinavian Pop’, and, even though I have no idea why, that seems to really capture the vibe of their music perfectly. This is probably what Jónsi would sound like if he was a bit of an angrier person. And a girl.

The song starts off sounding like any number of ethereal pop songs, but the buildup towards the climax is utterly sublime, drawing you into the atmosphere of the song and not letting go. The last minute in particular is captivating, with layered and fierce vocals underpinned by a driving and relentless drumbeat pushing the song towards a melodious cacophony of a conclusion that serves as a cathartic release after the tension of the opening.

Yeah, this is very cool. Grab it for free from their Unearthed page or Bandcamp site.

Facebook | Unearthed | Bandcamp

2 Responses to “Founds ‘Holograms’”

  1. Could you please correct or clarify in your review you said “Founds are a brand new Melbourne ‘post-pop’ sextet…”. According to their facebook page info Hometown
    Brisbane/sunshine coast , QLD and Unearthed – Region: Brisbane, QLD . If they have relocated to Melbourne, could you please say so. Other then this thanks for this interesting review.

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