The ACB’s ‘Boy Like Me’

Sometimes, you just want to listen to a really good pop song. And this track, Boy Like Me, is one of those wonderful songs that gets stuck in your head permanently after you listen to it and is constantly compelling you to hit the repeat button just one more time. Actually, it’s only two minutes long, so why not just set it to repeat to save yourself some time?

It’s from Kansas City band The ACB’s. Just like their name suggests, this is a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and their music is infused with a similar endearing tween sensibility to that which makes The Boy Least Likely To such a delight to listen to. The band’s bio does their style more justice than I ever could:

“The ACBs are also influenced by an inability to interact comfortably with the opposite sex, fear of hair loss, male friendships that have been described by outsiders as bordering on homoerotic, and the lingering effects of their deeply Midwestern religious upbringing. Two of The ACB’s are currently influenced by a lack of what are referred to as ‘paying jobs’, although they would appreciate it if you would drop that condescending tone. What is it, you think you’re better than them?” 

Their album ‘Stona Rosa’ was released last year, and while it’s a great all round offering this track is probably the strongest in the collection. It may only be two minutes long but in that short time it simply overflows with hooks and catchy melodies that represent some of the most instantly likable pop music I’ve heard in a while. 

Props to Middle Class White Noise for putting me onto these guys via a casual Tweet.

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