Random New(ish) Music Videos

I get sent a lot of tips on some really cool music videos, but generally don’t like to do posts solely consisting of just the one clip. Some videos however are just too good not to share, so here’s some of the best I’ve been sent over the last couple of weeks, plus a few discoveries of my own.

Guineafowl – Little Fingers

First up is Guineafowl, with easily my favourite Australian video clip of the year so far. This is seriously cool- the whole clip was shot in one take and then reversed, which means that when you see Guineafowl singing the song, he’s actually singing it backwards. Explains the man himself:

“So, the director of the clip, Kip Williams, asked me to learn every lyric of “Little Fingers” backwards, including the kinda dense verses. On top of this, Kip had decided to speed the filming of the clip up by a third, so as to give the impression that thingswere moving a little slower when we returned the clip to proper pace. So, I was to learn the entire song backwards and by the day we shot had to have the ability to sing it a third faster than regular.  When you approach singing a word backwards, it’s actually not important to say all the letters in the word, but to emulate the shapes that word makes with your lips. So for us, “Out of Horror” became “Orror Vorno” rather than “rorroh fo tuo”.  This made singing the song a little easier as the words became less consonant heavy and more about vowel shapes.”

Jinja Safari – Hiccups

Another great Australian clip, this time from Jinja Safari, who explain the music video simply as what happened when “We gathered our friends together with an idea about running amok through our house in Sydney”. My personal favourite moment is the guy very bemused by an egg. 

Woodkid – Iron

This is a clip from an international artist, California’s Woodkid. It’s gone a little viral, so you may have already seen it. There’s not really a narrative here, but the clip is just superbly shot, to the point where it looks like the trailer for a very high-budget film. The dark tone (both figuratively and literally) of the clip compliments the moody atmosphere of the song perfectly. This is incredible.

Amos Lee – Flower

And finally let’s finish on a real high with the paper animation filmclip for Amos Lee’s latest single from his 2011 album. This truly defies words: just watch and enjoy.

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