Interview With Georgia Fair

Georgia Fair have had a busy year so far, releasing a new music video, playing shows around the country as part of one of their first headline tours, and preparing their debut album for release. They’re one of my favourite new Australian bands at the moment, and I had a quick chat with Jordan, one half of the duo.

APYS: Hey Jordan, so you’ve recently released a video clip for ‘Marianne’ featuring not only Boy And Bear but also Lisa Mitchell, are you happy with how this version of the song has turned out?
Jordan: We couldn’t be happier, it took a while to find everyone’s parts but in the end it just fell together quite simply.

APYS: The last few times I’ve seen you live you’ve also had Lisa Mitchell join you on stage for the song, it must be great to have such awesome friends within the Australian music scene?

Jordan: Yeah it’s really nice, we love sharing music with other people, and have found a nice community of like minded friends. It helps to keep things fresh and interesting, share the love.

APYS: How was working with Bill Reynolds (Band Of Horses) on your EP ‘Times Fly’?

Jordan: We honestly couldn’t have found a better producer for ourselves, he was such a loving guy and really cared about making the music the best that it could be. His southern charm and humour didn’t get lost on us either.

APYS: I saw your show at The Empress with Daniel Lee Kendall when some idiot in the crowd (who definitely wasn’t my mate) yelled out a request for your song ‘Something Easy’, which is also my favourite song by you guys, is there any reason in particular that you don’t seem to play this live much?

Jordan: I guess we’re starting to build up a few songs in the bank now and it’s hard to play them all in a set, that song in particular is one of the elder songs. But we talk a lot about the songs that we play live and we went a way from ‘Something Easy’ for a while but it’s a song that we’ve probably had enough time to learn to love again.

APYS: How have you found that crowds respond to your music live? I’ve seen you both as a support act and a headliner, do you find there’s much difference between the two in terms of getting the crowd enthusiastic about your set?

Jordan: We love playing live and usually get a really good response and vibe from the crowd, obvioulsy being the support act sometimes people don’t give a damn but that’s just the nature of the beast, we’ve had the privelege of playing with some amazing and inspiring acts and we don’t take it for granted. Obvoulsy it’s nice to play to your own fans and create the atmosphere that you want.

APYS: Of course you’re signed to Sony, what’s it like having big label representation?

Jordan: We’re lucky in the way that we have an amazing team behind us and are really close with the people that we work with, not only at Sony but our extended team, it’s something that’s really important to us.

APYS: It must be pretty amazing hearing your music on television as well?

Jordan: Yeah we still get chuffed when we hear it.

APYS: Any plans for a Melbourne show in the future?

Jordan: Well we’ll be announcing a tour soon that will run thrugh June and July but we’re also playing at Pure Pop records on the 29th of May.

APYS: And finally, how’s that debut album coming?
Jordan: It’s pretty much finished, there’s a few tiny things that we have to touch up but other than that it’s ready to go, we can’t wait to get it out we’re extremely proud of it!

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