New Single From The Bedroom Philosopher

Coming off the success of his excellent ‘Songs From the 86 Tram’ album, as well as another critically acclaimed Melbourne International Comedy Festival run, The Bedroom Philosopher has released his latest single, Leaving My Hairdresser

It is lifted from his aforementioned comedy show entitled ‘Wit-Bix’, features The Awkwardstra, and details The Bedroom Philosopher’s lifelong battle with finding a decent mid-length haircut. It will be featured on his upcoming full-length album tentatively entitled ‘Man’.

While one Adelaide journalist has already taken offence to the lyrics of the song, stating that “no man in Adelaide would pay more than $15 for a haircut”, The Bedroom Philosopher has a contingency plan:

I’m thinking of releasing a ‘regional edit’ of the track, where I change the lyric to ‘He only charges me fifteen dollars.’ It’ll be pretty easy because fifteen sounds a lot like fifty. The last thing I want to do is alienate my fanbase based on their socio economic situation.”

So that’s that sorted then.

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