Tin Can Radio

Tin Can Radio is an ‘indie dance/art rock’ outfit hailing from Brisbane who have just released their first full-length album. I’ve actually had this one sitting in my inbox for a while now, but only just got around to listening to them. I really wish I had done so earlier, because this is truly awesome stuff that is going to take Australia by storm. Check out the band performing single Skeletons live earlier this year at The Zoo.

Seriously, how fun does that look? The band are currently in the middle of a national tour in support of their debut album ‘Chase The Sun, Hold The Night’, with the Melbourne portion fast approaching. They will be playing at Revolt on the 21st of April, and the Evelyn on the 23rd. Judging from the clip about they have a furious and fun live show to match the energy of their studio music (actually, it might be the other way round).

Stay tuned for a proper review of ‘Chase The Sun, Hold The Night’, but in the meantime you can check out Tin Can Radio via the Bandcamps.

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