In Short: Daniel Lee Kendall ‘Talk The Night Away’

‘Talk The Night Away’ is a fitting title for Daniel Lee Kendall’s second EP. From the nature of his straight-up folk music to his lyrics and even to the cover liner notes, this is a chatty record. It conveys a sense of comfort and familiarity, but yet avoids being pigeon-holed as ‘just another folk record’ thanks to some truly powerful songwriting that sets it apart from the pack.

On first listen however, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a record consisting of nothing other than folky love songs. But there is a decidedly bittersweet nature to this EP, typified by the song Love To Be, which is written about a lover who has never actually been met: “I can’t wait to wake up, and see you lying next to me”. Similarly the line “You were my first love, and I hope to God you’re not the last” (Gone) seems sweet, beautiful, and hopeful… until you think about it for a second.

Even opening track Hold Me Now, which is set to an upbeat keyboard riff, is more about being lonely than it is about actually being ‘held’. ‘Talk The Night Away’ is an introspective and at times charmingly innocent EP, and the constant juxtaposition of more typical folk instrumentation and the darker elements of DLK’s songwriting is enthralling. Meanwhile his voice is constantly impeccable, varying between a loud whisper and a piercing vocalisation whenever the song calls for it, and his guitar-playing can be deceptively complicated and fiddly, however sounds completely smooth and natural at all times. 

At the same time as DLK’s music feels like a comforting warm open fire on a winter night, there’s also ample thematic depth here that demands repeated listens. ‘Talk The Night Away’ is an instantly accessible and utterly charming EP that only further asserts the talent of DLK and the fact that he has a very bright future indeed ahead of him.

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