30 Day Song Challenge #19: A Song From Your Favourite Album

[Day 19: A Song From Your Favourite Album]

The National – Green Gloves

A couple of years ago my favourite album was ‘Funeral’, with ‘Boxer’ and ‘Illinois’ close runner ups. But after having seen The National live, all their music has taken on even greater meaning and power, and I’m now more than comfortable calling their 2007 masterpiece ‘Boxer’ my favourite album.

I do of course adore ‘High Violet’ as well, but to me ‘Boxer’ is the best album The National have released (if only marginally), and the best album I’ve ever heard. The depth of music on display here is nothing short of stunning, with literally every track capable of being a single and not one disappointing moment.

The magic of this album to me is how it builds up tension through restrained arrangements and Matt’s impossibly deep voice, but yet never gives you that Mr. November moment of release. Instead it’s constantly building on its own atmosphere, and listening to the whole album from start to finish can be at times a very overwhelming experience.

This is an utterly mesmerising and pretty much perfect record. Green Gloves is one of its deeper cuts, but also probably my favourite song on the record. As well as Fake Empire, Slow Show, Ada, and Start A War that is.

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