30 Day Song Challenge #12: A Song From A Band You Hate

[Day 12: A Song From A Band You Hate]

Gypsy And The Cat – Time To Wander

I saw Gypsy And The Cat live at The Hot BBQ and I’m pretty sure my ears were bleeding by the end of their set. Plus they had no charisma as performers whatsoever, and any frontman demands the crowd clap louder is both a bit of a douche and incapable of taking a hint.

But yet they’ve managed a rise to fame without pissing off anyone (except me, seemingly). Hipsters love them, mainstreamers love them, everyone fucking loves them. A lot of people with generally great taste in music that I know love them.

Eurgh. The worst part is that they somehow manage to continually nail huge support slots as well, despite being the worst live act I have ever seen, and sounding at all times like a really shit cover band. Their popularity is, to me, inexplicable. I could tolerate their mediocre and unoriginal music before seeing them live, but afterwards I can’t make it through five seconds. I have no idea if the Youtube clip is the proper song or not because I didn’t feel like enduring listening to it.

I don’t mean to alienate any of their fans (although that ship probably sailed with ‘shit cover band’), because I know that most people seem to love them, and I am usually as supportive as possible towards all Australian music, but I’m allowed to have one Australian band that I completely hate, and this is it. You’re welcome to have a different view.

But if I ever have to endure listening to another song  from these guys it will be too soon.

4 Responses to “30 Day Song Challenge #12: A Song From A Band You Hate”

  1. April Fools! Lachy loves Gypsy & the Cat!

    • Haha damn, I totally could have done something awesome with this one for April Fools. But for anyone reading, this point is fo’ real.

  2. mate… if this is the only Australian band you hate, what about Art Vs Science..

    • Haha fair point. Although while accepting that they are completely shit, I must admit I kind of enjoyed them when I saw them live early last year. Live guilty pleasure I guess. From what I’ve heard their album isn’t even worth the effort of downloading.

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