30 Day Song Challenge #7: A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

[Day 7: A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event]

Yves Klein Blue – Getting Wise

If you know me in real life then you already know this story, because I never tire of telling it.

My seventh and final time seeing Brisbane’s Yves Klein Blue live was at The Corner Hotel. There were some pretty decent opening acts in the form of Last Dinosaurs and Cloud Control, but there was little doubt that everyone was at the show for the headlienrs.

I went with one mate and met up with a few other people I knew in the crowd, and was already having a great time before the main act took to the stage. But when they did, everything just exploded. It was a surprisingly intense show, and the energy in the room was staggering.

Yves Klein Blue put on a predictably phenomenal show, with my personal highlight being Michael saying “Thanks to the guy at the front” while pointing to me after I danced crazily to a new song that no-one else knew and consequently mostly stood still for.

The show passed in an incredible, sweaty, hazy blur. It was the definition of fun and awesome. But then came the final song, and it was my favourite track from the Brisbane boys, Getting Wise.

Everyone was perfectly happy going mental in the mosh, but then out of nowhere the guys from Last Dinosaurs and Cloud Control appeared on stage, dancing and gesturing to the crowd to “Get the fuck on stage”.

And damned if we didn’t get the fuck on stage.

Next thing I knew I was a part of about thirty people somehow jumping on the stage. It took a superhuman effort after the intense mosh, but I knew if I didn’t get up there I would regret it for the rest of my life. As I was one of the last people up I ended near the front, and I remember the whole experience feeling like I was seeing myself in third-person.

With confidence not usually befitting me I threw my arm around Michael, as the deafening sounds of Getting Wise continued to echo around the room and the crowd went even more mental, with the band doing an admirable job of playing despite the commotion. Surrounded by members of Cloud Control and Last Dinosaurs, and with my arm around the lead singer of my favourite Australian band, I remember singing a chorus of Getting Wise with Michael, looking out over the packed Corner Hotel crowd, jumping up and down as much as my tired feet would allow me.

The song was still going by the time I had been pushed slightly towards the side of the stage, and when it came to a close I was in a daze. I think I just stood there, mouth open stupidly, with both my hands raised towards the roof, staring out across at the room as everyone around me hustled to grab a piece of memorabilia from the stage. But suddenly setlists and picks didn’t seem very important to me.

When I got off stage I staggered to the back of the room to down four glasses of water before reuniting with my mate and proceeding to meet members of all three bands.

And that stage invasion was one of the single best gig moment I have ever had. The only moment that even gets close to it is singing Terrible Love while holding Matt Berninger at The Palais earlier this year, and perhaps Chicago at the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne State Theatre.

With Yves Klein Blue broken up, this memory will never be corrupted by a bad set or a disappointing sophomore album. It will stay pure forever, and Getting Wise will always bring a slight smile to me face as it reminds me, every single time I hear it, of singing it on stage in the madness of the Corner Hotel stage invasion, with my arm around Michael Tomlinson.

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