I Say Smart Things And Stupid Things But I Only Mean The Smart Ones

Ethan Master Of The Hawaiian Ukulele is an artist based in Texas who plays whimsical songs using nothing but a ukulele (or occasionally an acoustic guitar) and his voice. In many ways he’s similar to Dent May, and is more focused on telling a story and getting you to laugh than he is with crafting delicate melodies.

He also plays in a band called Spiked Punch, but all of his recording projects seem to have gone dark over the last year or so. Not much else is known about him, but his ability to deliver killer one-liners underpinned by raw ukulele playing makes for a surprisingly intimate and genuine listening experience, feeling at times as if you’re witnessing some random gig in a small dingy bar with only a handful of people watching.

Check out his track So Nice below, and if you like it then two of his albums can be downloaded for free here (complete with hand-drawn cover art and illustrations).

Ethan Master Of The Hawaiian Ukulele – So Nice (Download)

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