Gig Review: Georgia Fair @ The East Brunswick Club, 16th December

On Thursday night Georgia Fair officially launched their ‘Times Fly’ EP in Melbourne with a dual headline show with Gossling. With so many of these ‘dual headline’ shows it can feel like the first act to play is more like a support band than a headliner, but this was not the case with Georgia Fair. Despite playing very early in the night, the guys put on a great show to a packed house which demonstrated that the days of being able to see them live for $8 are most certainly numbered.

It was a short but sweet set from Georgia Fair, featuring a smattering of songs from their EPs as well as some new material from their upcoming debut album, scheduled to be released next year. Jordan and Ben began the show on stage by themselves, however were shortly joined by the same band that accompanied them the last time I saw them live.

Picture Frames provided an early sing-along, as the crowd initially lingered back from the stage, creating an unfortunately awkward atmosphere. Thankfully a few people moved forwards right up to the stage, which was followed by everyone else shuffling forwards as well, creating for a much better atmosphere, much to the appreciation of Jordan, who said the space had been freaking him out a bit.

These guys really do play beautiful music. Regardless of whether they were playing new songs or old favourites, the constant was Jordan absolutely sublime voice, which was simply captivating. It was one of those shows to just lose yourself in, even only temporarily.

The highlight of their set for me was Marianne, which in its studio form is sung with Boy And Bear providing harmonising vocals. In the absence of Boy And Bear, Jordan invited “Our friend Lisa” to sing the song with the band, and out of nowhere appeared Lisa Mitchell. I’m a huge fan of hers, having seen her live plenty of times this year, and seeing her with Georgia Fair was a real treat, even if she only stayed on stage for the one song.

Her vocals for Marianne were of course perfect, and helped to create a truly spellbinding song. As quickly as she had appeared however she disappeared, never one for the spotlight.

After what seemed like no time at all Jordan announced that the next song would be their last, much to the disappointment of the crowd. It was of course Times Fly, and its innocent yearning provided for a very fitting and enjoyable end to the night.

I was left slightly disappointed that the band hadn’t played my favourite song of theirs, Something Easy, but it was still a great performance and a very enjoyable show. After a few big nights I was feeling pretty out of it and decided not to wait it out for Gossling’s set, although I’m told it was great.

Georgia Fair are a band unmistakably on the rise, and they have a live show to back up the hype. It may not be a flashy show (for the most part the bandmembers just stand and deliver their music, with limited crowd interaction), but it is pure and at times mesmerising.

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