Strange Talk

I’m admittedly a bit late on this one, but if you haven’t heard of Melbourne band Strange Talk, then you’re in for a real treat. The trio have only been around since February, but they have already recorded one guaranteed smash hit in the form of Climbing Walls.

This track is simply massive: it sounds like what would happen if Phoenix, Klaxons, Cut Copy, and Yeasayer got together and wrote the first song that came to their minds. And if that doesn’t sound awesome then I don’t know what does.

Of all the debut Australian singles I’ve heard this year, it is Climbing Walls which undeniably has the most mass appeal, but yet it achieves this without losing a palpable sense of cool. It’s a great track, and shows a lot of potential for what is to come.

The guys have just recently toured with Jinja Safari, and will be supporting Gypsy And The Cat’s upcoming album launch at the Corner. Oh and they have a spot on the bill of this small festival called Parklife.

Apparently we can expect a debut EP early next year, but in this age of music it is perfectly possible for a band to gain a massive following before having even released anything, and this is looking quite likely when it comes to Strange Talk. So get onto them while you can still see them as a opening act, because the days are most certainly numbered.

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3 Responses to “Strange Talk”

  1. Heard these guys quite a bit on triple j and really like this track. Hope they make it back to Sydney sometime soon.

  2. Thanks for putting us onto these guys… They’ve become a regular fixture on the show following your post. Cheers!


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