Cajun Dance Party

So I’ve been posting quite a lot about smaller Australian bands lately, so I figured I’d try something a bit different and look at a more established international act that are perhaps a bit underapprecaited. Cajun Dance Party is one such artist.

Firstly to get the obvious done with straight away, they sound one hell of a lot like Maximo Park. There’s nothing wrong with this however, and it’s nice to see a band drawing on influences broader than Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire.

Lead singer Daniel Blumberg has a very similar accent to Paul Smith, and this accent comes over just as strong when he sings. It’s definitely not a bad trait, but it may take some getting used to if you’re not already accustomed to bands such as Maximo Park where the accent of the vocalist plays such a huge role in the way the band sounds.

Cajun Dance Party formed in 2005, however it’s not even known if they still exist, with many band members currently pursuing other projects. This is a pity, because the one album that the band have produced, ‘The Colourful Life’ (2008), is a a pretty great piece of work in my opinion, even if many critics did not agree when it was released.

The record has a common theme running through a few songs, that of life being like a race. This isn’t done in a depressing way however- overall it’s a really uplifting and joyous album that perhaps betrays the youth of the band members, as it was recorded when the they were undertaking their final year of high school. There’s definitely a little bit of the Los Campesinos! youthful and narcissistic insight here.

“So pick up the pace and enjoy the race, for nothingness is nice.”

The opening two songs, Colourful Life (stream it above) and The Race, are probably the pick of the bunch, however the rest of the album is far from unlistenable.

“The minute that I saw your face, I forgot about the race.”

So anyway, definitely check them out if you haven’t already heard of them. Even if they may not record any future new material, ‘The Colourful Life’ is a lot of fun and personally I much prefer it to the latest Maximo Park record, ‘Quicken The Heart’, and I love Maximo Park.

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  1. they split up and now half of them are in another band called Yuck. Kind’ve goes with their new music:

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