Bang Bang Boss Kelly

For better or worse, for this five-piece from Brisbane, comparisons with Mumford And Sons are inevitable. The timing for these guys is perhaps a bit unfortunate- if they had come out a year ago with a rollicking heartfelt banjo anthem with plenty of ‘fuck’s in the chorus then everybody would probably be talking about how fresh it was.

As it is, sounding a bit like Mumford and Sons certainly isn’t a bad thing, even if Bang Bang Boss Kelly were probably writing their banjo ballads well before Mumford And Sons’ rise to fame. Although they haven’t released an EP yet they have several recordings floating around the interwebs that are doing quite nicely.

I really like the live feel to the studio songs. They feel raw and pure, and the lyrics are brutal in their honesty: “So fuck me, forget me, I’m gone”. And if you’re curious how the band’s name came about, apparently it is a combination of the nicknames of the two founding members: Bang Bang and Boss Kelly respectively, both named after a song the duo wrote for their old band.

Check out their Myspace page, and listen to the wonderful Boneyards below.

3 Responses to “Bang Bang Boss Kelly”

  1. love coming across random blogs for the band, will post this one up somewhere on fb probably! hope you have made it to a show….fair few coming up soon


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