Album Review: The Lucky Wonders ‘Thirteen O’Clock’

The Lucky Wonders are songwriting duo Jessie Vinitia and Emma Royle, along with Brent Calcutt on bass and Anastassijah Scales on drums. From Byron Bay, they have recently released their debut album, ‘Thirteen O’Clock’.

It is unashamedly emotional folky pop music, but that’s exactly why you have to love it.

“I have no apologies for all the tears I cry. I get emotional at the most inappropriate times, maybe that’s because I believe emotions are appropriate all the time. All the time” sing Jessie and Emma on Emotional, and this sentiment echoes throughout the album.

In many ways ‘Thirteen O’Clock’ is the antithesis to the typical indie folk record about how love is horrible and has destroyed the singer/songwriters’ life and etc etc etc. This record by comparison is about the redeeming quality of love: “Well it’s true that love can break you, show you hurt like you’ve never known before… but did you know that love can set you free, take you to heights where you can truly fly. That’s why we live before we die” (So You’ve Never).

At times it can border on cliched, but most of the time it just simply works.

And besides, Happy Pill is one of the most instantly likeable songs I’ve heard in a while, and there’s a good reason it’s all over the airwaves. That hook of “Your heart is not the box of pandora” gets me every single time, and the chorus is very elegant indeed. It’s the perfect lead single and incapsulates everything that is good about this Byron Bay outfit.

So You’ve Never features a gorgeous backing ukelele, and you can just imagine it being sung around a campfire somewhere in Australia. It’s not trying to reinvent music, and neither are The Lucky Wonders, but they have the folk pop formula just right, and there’s just that little extra bit of special thrown in there as well.

Just when you think the album is getting a bit formulaic, there will be a such a poignant moment that it just makes you sit back and think ‘wow’, with the case in point being the aforementioned Emotional, which features the unforgettable lyrics of “I have lost interest in a world you assume I want to make it in. I’m trying to find myself in places I don’t want to fake it in”.

‘Thirteen O’Clock’ is an uplifting and life-affirming record, and there is absolutely no reason at all not to like it. It flirts with cliches (see “One people, one planet, one destiny” of Under The Night), but there’s something really endearing about an album this unashamedly emotional and real.

Listen To: Happy Pill, So You’ve Never, Emotional

One Response to “Album Review: The Lucky Wonders ‘Thirteen O’Clock’”

  1. um… i heard a song on the radio called 13 O’clock by the group secret agent 23 skidoo
    and the first few lines were something like this…
    It’s 13 o’clock and that means the clock is alseep dreaming about robotic sheep and 13 o’clock the night seems to end and then the magic carnivel comes back again…
    Well, thats all I really remember. So can someone try to get the lryics on this website because I really would like to learn the song soon. Thanks-Denise

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