You Have To Hear: The Lucky Wonders

I’ve really been enjoying Byron Bay band The Lucky Wonders lately. They play a great combination of roots music and warm pop, and have really special and unique vocals.

The band consists of singer/songwriters Jessie Vintila and Emma Royle as well as Brent Calcutt on bass and Anastassijah Scales on drums. They have recently released their debut album ‘Thirteen O’Clock’ and are currently touring around Australia, hitting up Melbourne at The Wesley Anne on the 25th April.

Explains Emma: “This album covers a lot of ground, the individual tracks read like chapters in a bigger story, and in the end you’re left with something real but optimistic. Despite our contrasting life experiences we create something special when we write together. It’s like, yeah, life can hurt sometimes, but if you stay open, there is a chance at something bigger and fuller”.

I haven’t heard the whole album yet but I’m really enjoying the songs I have heard, so check out The Lucky Wonders’ Unearthed Page to hear and download the awesome Happy Pill, and head over to the band’s Myspace Page for other songs and complete tour dates.

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