You Have To Hear: Mumford And Sons Covering White Lies

Last Friday Mumford And Sons performed live in the studio for Triple J’s Like A Version. They started with their own track The Cave and went on to cover White Lies’ magnificent Unfinished Business. It was an excellent choice for a cover, and the boys of course pulled it off brilliantly, I think I prefer their version to the original.

However the real joy of the segment was the banter between the band and the hosts, it had me laughing out loud at many points, in particular Win Dog’s “Don’t patronise me” and Marcus feeling the need to explain “Because you can’t see radio”. I also love the band’s reaction to the look-alikes.

So check out the cover here, then head over to Triple J to listen to the segment in its hilarious entirety.

“So get off your low, let’s dance like we used to.”

Artist: Mumford And Sons

Song: Unfinished Business (White Lies Cover)

One Response to “You Have To Hear: Mumford And Sons Covering White Lies”

  1. I’m yet to hear the full version but it’s a great cover. They manage to make the White Lies sound vaguely exciting, which is amazing

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