Don’t Miss: Yves Klein Blue, Cloud Control, And Last Dinosaurs

Wow. News of this tour blew me away: three Pluck favourites at the same show, for under $20. That is just extraordinary.

I would pay twice that amount to see Yves Klein Blue by themselves, and I would play that much to see just Cloud Control. Add Last Dinosaurs to the bill and you’ve got one hell of a lineup.

Yves Klein Blue are of course the headliner, but the other bands are fairly incredible opening acts. The guys are taking the tour around the country, starting in March, and you can see all dates here. For Melbourne readers, the gig is at the Corner Hotel, my favourite live venue, just to add to the sheer awesomeness.

Tickets to the Corner Hotel gig go on sale on the 22nd, and I predict that it will sell out quickly, so get in early. These are three of my favourite acts in Australia at the moment, so to say I’m excited would be an understatement.

If you are an indie music fan in Australia, you simply cannot miss this tour.

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