You Have To Hear: Kid Sam

Kid Sam are a local band from Melbourne, and I am seeing them tonight supporting White Rabbits at the Corner Hotel. I will also be seeing them again at the Laneway festival later in the year.

They have toured around the country supporting bands that read like a who’s who of Australian music, and, having released their debut LP, which was nominated by Triple J as Australian Album of the Year, it seems as if they are poised to become a big name in Aussie music.

Their music is that of subtle rock n’ roll, intricate pop, and delicately crafted melodies. Each song reveals more with every listen, like peeling layers from a delightfully sounding onion.

They have only released one video, and here it is. Enjoy! When I find a new mp3 host site (suggestions are welcome), I’ll upload a few of their songs as well.

Listen If You Like: Radiohead. That’s kind of it really. But they’re a bit less depressing, and slightly less well known to date.

Artist: Kid Sam

Song: Down To The Cemetery

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